HStream Platform Serverless Beta Launched: A Comprehensive and Integrated Streaming Data Solution

Jun 28, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that HStream Platform Serverless Beta has been released!

HStream Platform Serverless is a one-stop streaming data platform service on the public cloud, enabling developers to handle streaming data with ease and efficiency. With HStream Platform Serverless, users can enjoy a seamless experience of streaming data ingestion, storage, processing, and distribution, without worrying about deployment or maintenance. This allows users to concentrate on their business development. Simply sign up, and you can have a fully functional streaming data platform right away.

HStream Platform Serverless Beta is now accessible. Interested users can visit the official website for a free trial.

Reliable, Easy-to-Use, and Cost-Efficient Serverless Service for Real-Time Streaming Data

Serverless is a cutting-edge computing and architectural paradigm that leverages the power of cloud computing. It allows developers to focus on their code while the service provider takes care of the infrastructure allocation and management. Serverless also enables the infrastructure to be adjusted and scaled automatically according to the application's needs or load conditions.

HStream Platform Serverless introduces the power of Serverless to the real-time streaming data domain, offering users a developer-friendly and cloud-flexible solution. Users can enjoy the benefits of reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient streaming data processing with HStream Platform Serverless.

It adopts a multi-tenancy architecture, where underlying physical clusters are segregated based on tenants. Each tenant's data resides within its exclusive namespace, accessible solely through its own certificate. This meticulous design ensures robust isolation and security across multiple tenants. Furthermore, thanks to the HStream cluster’s advanced compute-storage separation architecture, users can enjoy flexible and autonomous scaling of compute and storage resources according to varying load conditions.

A One-Stop Solution for Streaming Data Ingestion, Storage, Processing, and Distribution

Real-time data processing is becoming more and more essential for enterprises as they deal with streaming data from various sources. However, building and running a reliable real-time data platform and developing applications on it can be challenging and costly. It often requires integrating multiple systems and doing a lot of custom development. Moreover, the platform can become easily broken by a single system or component during operation. This not only affects the operations but also forces developers to learn different programming interfaces and implementation details of different systems, even for simple application development.

To solve the above problems, we introduce this one-stop streaming data platform, HStream Platform, based on the core needs of streaming data ingestion, storage, processing, and distribution. It is aimed to offer a friendly, unified, and modern product experience for various streaming data workloads.

The core features of HStream Platform include the following:

Store and Consume Events, Messages, and Data Streams in Real Time with a Unified Platform

HStream Platform uses the stream to store and manage data. Stream is a fast and reliable way to write streaming data in an append-only fashion. With HStream Platform’s distributed architecture and replication protocol, users can rest assured that their data is safely replicated to multiple nodes and always available.

It delivers data to consumer clients instantly through subscription, with low latency and high performance. Users can choose from different subscription modes, such as stream or queue, to consume data in parallel with multiple clients. Users can also replay the data from any point as they wish, thanks to the persistent storage of data.

Real-time Stream Processing with SQL

The platform enables users to perform real-time stream processing tasks with simple SQL statements. It leverages Dataflow Pipeline technology to efficiently execute SQL queries on streaming data sources. Users can easily perform various real-time operations such as data filtering, transformation, join, and period-based analysis with SQL. The platform will provide custom functions and integrates with storage, subscription, and other systems to facilitate the development of complex real-time applications such as anomaly monitoring, ETL, and risk control.

Seamless Integration with Various Systems

The platform is a powerful solution for storing and processing large-scale streaming data without relying on any external systems. However, it also recognizes the need for enterprise data to flow or sync in real time across different systems and applications. Therefore, the platform offers a variety of connectors that integrate with upstream and downstream systems, such as database CDC connectors. Users can easily launch these connectors by providing the connection parameters, and the platform will handle the runtime scheduling, progress monitoring, error recovery, and other management tasks for them.

It is important to note that the platform also enables users to process and transform the data from external systems on the fly as they are ingested through the source connector, and then send the results to the downstream system through the sink connector. This feature allows users to combine different functions to achieve various complex business requirements with ease and flexibility.


Observability and Management Capabilities

The platform also provides users with a graphical management interface that displays rich business metrics indicators, allowing users to monitor the current and historical performance of their business operations. Users can also access the running logs of their tasks through the interface, which makes development and troubleshooting easier. Moreover, the platform’s console interface enables users to manage different streaming data workloads and resources in a unified way.


Getting Started

HStream Platform Serverless offers an out-of-box experience for users. You can simply access the product page, register, and start using the product right away, with no delay or setup required.

HStream Platform Serverless is now in free public beta, and you are invited to try it out and share your feedback. You can also find more tutorials in: Getting Started with HStream Platform | HStream Documentation.


HStream Platform Serverless offers a one-stop streaming data platform service that is friendly, unified, and modern. It allows enterprises and individual developers to access streaming data processing capabilities with minimal cost and hassle. HStream Platform Serverless is committed to providing users with the best streaming data experience without worrying about the underlying data platform. We are constantly innovating and improving our products and services to meet the needs of users in the real-time streaming data field.

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